BAttery h2O

The Carbon Age is coming to an end.  With mankind facing the dire consequences of our carbon based energy systems, we are forced to transition to a new human epoch powered by the natural elements of wind, sun and water.


Battery H2O is an innovative approach for new green infrastructure projects on industrial waterfront sites.  On a technical level it is a water battery storage device for renewable energy resources. It is also a public park to anchor the redevelopment of Refshaleøen, a former shipyard in Copenhagen, Denmark.  In this park, people will come to gather, recreate and wander amongst a series of monoliths made from repurposed oil tanker hulls, the most recognizable symbol of the Carbon age.  However, the hulls are now filled with water as a medium to store electrical power.  A regenerative site plan re-introduces a Baltic Sea coastal ecosystem and acts as a filter to cleanse the water of Copenhagen Harbor. 


Battery H2O utilizes pumped storage hydroelectricity power generation.   Through wind and solar power, harbor water is pumped into storage containers made from the repurposed oil tanker hulls.  The water flows back into the harbor through hydroelectric turbines, generating power for a microgrid serving the Refshaleøen development.  Additional program is added to the site, creating attractions to draw visitors to this far-flung corner of the harbor and spur the redevelopment of Refshaleøen .



Project information:


Storage Capacity: 80,000 Cu. M (water) = 25,929 KWH (electricity)


Structure:  (2) decommissioned oil tankers, disassembled and reassembled into (4) storage tanks and a control center.


Major Materials and Systems: (3) 1.5 MW equivalent vertical axis windmill water pumps, (3) 1.5 MW Francis Hydro-electric turbines, organically inspired corten steel armatures containing program elements and infrastructure.


Site Features: A park that re-introduces a Baltic sea ecosystem to Copenhagen Harbor.  The park includes the following ecological zones: Open Water, Sand Bar, Lagoon, Beach and Woodland.