Our Re-Barn concept was just featured in the Chesapeake Current Magazine / by Alexander Dzurec

Autotroph is pleased to announce that our Re-Barn Concept is the focus of a recent article in the Chesapeake Current.  The Re-Barn is an innovative approach to the preservation and adaptive reuse of Southern Maryland tobacco barns.  With the decline of tobacco as a cash crop, many of these structures are being lost to neglect and sprawl development.  This concept adapts & preserves a barn's skin while inserting a energy efficient panelized home inside the barn structure.  A series of operable flaps, panels and shutters are inserted into the barn's skin allowing the residents to control openings for solar gain and privacy considerations.  When closed the home appears as a traditional tobacco barn and when open, it takes on the appearance of a contemporary home.  Please see the below link to the article or click here for the project page.