Last weekend was the Grand Opening of the MEOW WOLF Art Complex in Santa Fe – a combination art installation and multi-use arts facility – And it was AMAZING!  It was great to see so many people, of all walks of life, come out to experience this innovative arts complex.   This is a true community arts project that involved over 200 artists, fabricators, technicians and volunteer laborers.  It features exhibit space, a makers’ space, youth learning center, an art gallery, a gift shop and a 300 person performance space.  The main component is the HOUSE OF ETERNAL RETURN, an immersive Art Installation that will blow your mind.  

Our firm has been fortunate to be involved in this project from its inception through to the design, permitting and build-out.  We worked closely with the core creative team from Meow Wolf, the general contractor Constructive Assets, exhibition space contractor Ragano & Careccio Inc., City of Santa Fe staff and our excellent consultant team to help make this project a reality. 

We viewed our role as a design facilitator.  We listened to all the great ideas and worked with our team members to translate these into design documents. We were brought in early in the process when Meow Wolf decided to transform the old Silva Lanes Bowling alley into an innovative arts center in the Siler-Rufina District of Santa Fe.

Firm Principal Alexander Dzurec worked closely with the Meow Wolf Core creative team, about a dozen visionary artists, to translate their dreams and ideas into reality with floor plans, elevations, and infrastructure improvements.  A complex task indeed for the variety of spaces envisioned, not to mention the center piece installation: The House of Eternal Return.  This installation features an intricate maze spaces that allows visitors to become immersed in an alternate reality.  Over 135 artists, along with numerous volunteers, technicians and fabricators worked tirelessly to create this fantasy environment.   Throughout the process, we simultaneously incorporated their ideas into the plans and drawings needed to move forward and ensured that all the nitty gritty issues like fire protection, emergency exits, accessibility, restrooms, lighting and so on were all addressed in the plans submitted to the City of Santa Fe for approval. 

We are grateful to the City of Santa Fe for their support of this project - the Mayor’s endorsement and City’s Staff timely approvals and inspections not only benefited this project but also the entire community by generating employment across many sectors, supporting the youth in the arts, and perhaps most importantly, being a catalyst to spur additional cultural and economic revitalization of the Siler-Rufina district.

We encourage anyone who lives in, or is visiting, Santa Fe to come visit Meow Wolf, over and over again. Tickets are available through the Meow Wolf website. 

Learn more about our involvement in the project here.