Autotroph featured on front page of The New Mexican: "Satellite imaging firm Descartes expands in Santa Fe" / by Alexander Dzurec


The partnership between Descartes Labs and Autotroph is creating an innovate, permanent location for Descartes office, and, is helping establish an exciting and rapidly growing start-up community in Santa Fe! 

Featured on the front page of this weekend's New Mexican, this article reviews the upcoming location of Descartes new Santa Fe HQs, as well as how it is being transformed into one of the coolest, state-of-the-art places to work in town. We've focused on productivity and progressive workflow for every employee, incorporating technology and design, while also the community - bringing Santa Fe a leap forward into the future. 

Rendering created by Autotroph's Project Manager, Luca Baker. 

Rendering created by Autotroph's Project Manager, Luca Baker. 

This is truly just the beginning, as Santa Fe continues to attract businesses and people from all over the world, Autotroph continues to innovate within the growing Santa Fe community. In the words of Walter Gropius "To build is to create events". 

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