Autotroph + Studio Limited: NM meets CO for an Architectural adventure / by Alexander Dzurec


We recently had the great pleasure of spending a day with Christian Butler of Studio Limited, a firm Christian founded in Denver. Christian first met Autotroph's Principal, Alexander Dzurec at Taliesin when Alexander was a guest critic there, and was gracious enough to give us a tour of his designs between the Five Points neighborhood and RiNo (River North Arts District).

We started at Christian's current home, a design that incorporates three separate units. It's shapes and color pallet of warm woods and Corten Steel create a dynamic juxtaposition with the rest of the neighborhood.  

DSC08426 (2).JPG

One design feature we loved was the "hollow" stair armature at the base. Climbing the stairs, you are immersed in the shadows and shapes created by the cut-out feature walls separating the stairwells from the second and third floors. Definitely a "wow" factor. 

DSC08427 (2).JPG
DSC08443 (1).JPG
DSC08439 (2).jpg

The skyline views from the rooftop patio were fantastic, and was a great way for us to get an overview of the surrounding neighborhoods that we would soon be exploring. 


From there, we walked down the street to a site where Christian is building two homes (one of which will be his future home). While it's currently under construction, walking through the spaces gave us an elaborate picture of his soon-to-be finished designs.  We can't wait to see the final product! 


Our next adventure was to one of Christian's designs that resides in a historic district - so, he blended and mimicked nearby historic elements by utilizing brick to emulate the surrounding cornices. Christian stayed true to his sense of design, and also went for modern lines and the same Corten steel detailing we saw in his first home. 


Heading further towards the Five Points district, we stopped quickly at twin residential homes that playfully mirrored each other not only in shape, but also in color and tone. Note the black frame on the left and the white frame on the right - with corresponding light and dark wooden shingle facades. 


After stopping for coffee in Five Points, we walked back to RiNo Arts District to check out Central Market - a great building and design that houses many food and beverage vendors. Close by, we walked through the mural covered alleyway of the Crush Street Art Festival 2017.  There was some amazing street/mural art here and one of our collaborators and clients Meow Wolf was a sponsor of this year's event. RiNo is a super hip, up-and-coming area with innovative design and things to enjoy everywhere you turn. This part of Denver is truly a gem, and rapidly progressing!


Many thanks to Christian from Studio Limited for showing us around! We loved getting to know the Five Points and RiNo neighborhoods, and seeing some really innovative things happening in such a progressive area of Denver!