Atomic City

The Atomic City Center is a design proposal for the redevelopment of the Trinity site in Los Alamos, NM.  It is a vision for a “City of the Future” and how it may be completed for Los Alamos.  This proposal shows that a variety of uses can be planned to create a vibrant city center and desirable residential neighborhoods.  It demonstrates that a large development project could be powered entirely by renewable energy and have a neutral impact on climate change.  It is a forward thinking design that recognizes Los Alamos’ tradition of the “Atomic City” and as a place of innovation.   

The Trinity site redevelopment envisions the future of urban design.  It creates a destination that is not merely a town center style development in appearance; but a vibrant community complete with shopping, offices, dinning, night life, lodging and mixed income housing.  Its design looks toward the future while incorporating time tested elements that have been successful in numerous redevelopment projects.  The following are the main themes for Atomic City Center:

•A mixture of uses and building types
•Integrated Ecology & Carbon Neutral development 
•A Destination for the residents of Los Alamos & beyond

The great outdoors are important to the citizens of Los Alamos and this project is designed to integrate with its site and connect citizens with nature.  The whole project  will be a model for green development in Los Alamos and beyond.  The following are the environmental design features of the Trinity Site Redevelopment:

•The new development will enhance the local ecology.  Existing paving will be redeveloped to include more native landscaping and permeable areas. Existing natural areas will be developed selectively; buildings and paving are designed to minimize disruption to existing vegetation and wildlife.

•LEED Silver minimum rating for all buildings.

•Passive solar design, daylighting, natural ventilation and energy efficient construction will decrease energy consumption by approximately 50%.


•Photovoltaic roofs & carport structures combined with helical wind turbines will produce 110% of the energy needed by the development, making it the first carbon-neutral mixed use development in New Mexico.

•A “canyon” park is designed to mimic the ecology of nearby Los Alamos canyon.  Combined with Green roofs; the landscape will contain and treat all surface water for the Atomic City Center.  Similar landscape strategies will be used in the other zones.

•Rain water catchment from non-green roofs will be stored and used for irrigation and other non-potable uses; resulting in water use reductions of approximately 50% for the whole development.