GCCC Entry

The Genoveva Chavez Community Center (GCCC) is one of the largest and comprehensive community recreation centers in the U.S.  Since its completion in 2000, the GCCC has been a focal point for thee community and has become a recognizable symbol of the city of Santa Fe. 

With autotroph members having worked on the initial building, we were contracted to design entry improvements to the Chavez Center.  The scope of work for this project is to construct two new entry vestibules for GCCC.  The first IS located at the Main Entry for the facility and the second is a vestibule for the Therapy Pool with associated site improvements to provide access and parking for the entry and remediate drainage issues.

The Main Entry vestibule provides much needed visibility for the entry to the GCCC. The up-lifting design signifies “entry” and is beacon announcing itself to visitors.   The entry is designed with environmental control strategies, reducing glare and wind infiltration.   Its design balances the transparency desired in an entry to a major public building with solar control needed to reduce glare.  It integrates building signage, reinforcing an identity for the building.   It is a passively tempered waiting and overflow area; giving visitors a comfortable place to wait for a ride and providing expanded capacity for large groups of visitors.  While unique in appearance, the design harmonizes with the architecture of the Genoveva Chavez Community Center. 

Angled vertical fins to control glare and overheating.  The fins are spaced and angled in such a way to allow solar gain for much of the day during winter months while blocking summer sun and the intense western sun in all seasons.  Combined with an exhaust fan, the design of these fins allows the vestibule space to be passively heated and cooled.  The angle of the fins allows visitors to see in, and people waiting to see out; fostering a sense of transparency.

The Therapy Pool Entry provides convenient access to the therapy pool section of the GCCC.  This simple, yet elegant design will signify an entry to therapy pool visitors without advertising it as a general entry to visitors from the main parking lot.  This entry lobby will provide a comfortable place for visitors to check into the therapy pool or wait for a ride.