Los Alamos Teen Center

The County of Los Alamos and the Juvenile Justice Advisory board have identified a need for a multi-purpose Teen Center to serve the needs of the youth of Los Alamos. While Los Alamos County has a quality school system and is a very desirable place to live, its location at the base of the Jemez Mountains makes it isolated from other communities in northern New Mexico. There are limited places and opportunities for teens to socialize with each other and adults, particularly at nights and weekends. This facility will be a place for youth to constructively & creatively express themselves. It will provide teens opportunities to learn about who they are and discover their place in the world.

Autotroph was selected to perform a Capital Improvement Program Phase 1 study of the Multi-Purpose Teen Center Facility.  The scope of this project includes:

• Evaluating potential sites
• Detailed Site Analysis for 3 sites
• Developing a Building Program
• Planning Level Cost Estimates

Schematic Design
• 3 Schematic Designs (one for each site)
• Cost Estimates
• CIP Phase 2 Application

In order to ensure that the needs of the teens and the community of Los Alamos are met; a very interactive process has been developed that engages local teens, project stakeholders and the community for the programming and design of the Teen center. A stakeholder committee consisting of representatives from Los Alamos County, JJAB, YMCA, UNM Los Alamos, LANL and Local Teens has been formed to help guide the process and vision for this project.