Moreno Valley High School

Moreno Valley High School is a Paideia based charter school located in a high mountain valley in Angel Fire, New Mexico.  Autotroph was commissioned to develop a 30,000 sq. ft. master plan for new facilities as well as to design the first phase of construction; a 6,700 sq. ft. Multi-Purpose facility.

Rather than fighting the intense winds on site, the Moreno Valley High School master plan works with them. The roof forms of the building and geometry of the plan are based on aerodynamic principles, designed to funnel wind around the school and create a sheltered courtyard for school and community functions.  All the classrooms are designed to take advantage of passive solar heating and natural daylighting.  The facilities are designed to be energy efficient and the school will benefit from renewable energy.


The first phase of the new campus, the Multi-purpose Facility is the most prominent architectural feature of the school and the centerpiece of its wind control strategy.  Located on the western edge of the school, it acts as a prow, deflecting westerly predominant winds.  It contains a gathering hall whose roof is designed to shed the wind, capture rain water and snow as well as admit abundant natural light.  Also included in this first phase of construction are student lockers and commons and a kitchen.