This was a weekend long a pop-up event to allow the public to envision and participate in developing ideas for a re-developed St. Michaels Drive corridor in Santa Fe.  St. Michael’s Dr. is located in the geographic Center of Santa Fe. While the area has a long history, since the 60’s it has been developed as a typical suburban style, 6 lane, strip mall dominated highway.  The event featured demonstrations and site specific artwork in the areas of energy, water, transportation, entrepreneurship and built environment. Activities included: parades, car show, concerts, lectures, film screenings and a youth night.  In the long term, an interpretive center has been established on the site to continue the community dialog and a planning studio from UNM is studying the corridor and working on a form based code. 

Autotroph  was involved in 3 projects for the event:

 1.  A building made from shipping containers that represents design standards the developed by the City’s long range planning division for the St. Michael’s corridor:  Basic design concepts included taller buildings pushed up to the street, porticos and tree lined streets and courtyard spaces within. 

 2.  A mock-up of a bus shelter that we are developing for the City’s transit division.  It is an interpretive exhibit that contains information on our project and represents one of our shelter designs.

 3.  A micro grid; sourced from biomass, solar and wind energy; that powered most of the event and an energy village with information for the public.  A smart home demonstration was integrated into the Shipping Container building.