Tree House

The client’s existing house is located in a heavily wooded area near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.  It is a contemporary split-level residence on a sloping site.  Sloped roof/ceilings with exposed wood beams and large sliding glass doors give the existing house a natural character.  The client’s favorite attributes of the house are the ample views out to the surrounding woods.  autotroph was tasked with designing a master bedroom suite that enhanced the house’s connection to nature and preserved a mature tree located close to the addition’s footprint. 

The master bedroom suite addition is designed to integrate with the existing home design while providing a modern feel to the addition. Sloped roof/ceilings with exposed wood beams were incorporated into the addition design.  A special pier foundation was utilized adjacent to the tree to minimize disturbance of the ground and root system.  The suite includes an office, storage, master bathroom, sleeping area and a sitting room.  A large wall of glass in the sitting room frames magnificent views of the surrounding forest and provides a good indoor - outdoor connection to an existing deck.